🤷🏻‍♀️So what is LRP, anyway?

🤔Why should I place an LRP order when I buy my DoTerra?

🍋”LRP” stands for Loyalty Rewards Program. It is DoTerra’s monthly rewards ordering program that allows you to earn free products! This is the smartest and best way to buy your DoTerra.

For example, when you first join, if you were to place a 100 PV (point) order then this will generate 10 LRP points ($10 in free product credit) to spend the next month and every month for your first three months. After three months you start to earn back even MORE! Plus, you earn 100% of your shipping back in points!

🎉LRP points increase by 5% every 3 months - all the way until you are earning 30% back! 😱

💪🏼By the 13th month, you earn the maximum 30% product credit! Your 100 PV order now earns back 30 LRP points monthly!

⚠️To get LRP points: A minimum order of 50 PV generates those LRP points towards free product that accumulate. Any PV order gets you your shipping costs back.

😕Don’t have that much to spend? No problem! dōTERRA requires only a minimum order of 1 PV per month to maintain your LRP.

🌹dōTERRA gives you a free oil EACH month that you purchase 125 PV with LRP.

🌿dōTERRA allows you to redeem as many product credit points as you have available. There is no limit.

💲A 100 PV LRP order each month qualifies you to earn 💰 money 💰 too, just for sharing your love of health and wellness with friends and family!

💻Help is here. Just ask for assistance with getting your LRP ordering set up!

Get the details from dōTERRA here: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/flyers-loyalty-rewards-program